Tel Stewart was born and raised in Leeds, Utah. After a two-year extended ecclesiastical venue in Japan, he returned home and bought his first camera: a digital SLR. It was love at first sight. Tel attended Dixie State College, shooting video for fun and for a side job, shooting weddings here and there. He studied Communications with an emphasis in Digital Film Production.

While studying film, another subject also captured his particular interest. Her name was Kayla, and they were partners on the ballroom dance team. They married in 2010 and recently welcomed their first child, Riley, to their family.

Tel’s job as a piano lifter and resident tech geek blossomed into an emerging film career after he captured rare footage of a piano, playing in the wild, with no human assistance. This footage captured his boss’s attention. They started making more films of pianos out in the wild. An early success was Game Day with John Schmidt, filmed in Snow Canyon, and more have followed.

Tel has worked on several larger film sets, but he really loves the creative control that comes from working with a small crew. Tel loves to make visions a reality. Sometimes he has to pull his visionary compadres down from the clouds. He does this by explaining things like the technical difficulties of making pianos fly.

Tel edits, films, remembers to turn on the microphones, and generally wields his technical prowess to make the Piano Guys magic become reality.