Tel Stewart is a videographer, editor, and also does special effects. He got his start as a boy borrowing his grandpa’s camera and playing around with the settings to get the best shots. After he suspended the camera over a tree branch and got the camera taken away, Tel bought his own camera and began producing videos with his brother for school projects.

While in college, during his spare time, Tel would make videos in a local piano store. For fun, he filmed self-playing pianos and music videos of his friends in the beautiful outdoor landscapes of Southern Utah.

While on tour, pianist John Schmidt came to the piano store to practice, which gave them the idea to start a YouTube channel. This relationship started “ThePianoGuys”. During his time with the Piano Guys Tel produced over 50 videos, which collectively received over 400 million views. Tel loves shooting music videos and continues producing videos for artists like Jarod Radnich, William Joseph, The Redhead Express, and The Piano Guys.

Recently Tel has produced marketing campaign videos for on-line companies like Poopourri, Puj, Balance of Nature, and Utah.com. What spare time he has is spent with his family shooting the surrounding areas of Southern Utah with his new “Red Epic” camera.

Tel has a BA in Communications with a Digital Film Production emphasis and has experience in underwater and aerial shooting. He currently resides in St. George, UT with his wife and two children.